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50 LINK BUILDING SOLUTIONS| White Label Link Building Services


Even if you do everything else right in the competitive world of SEO, knowing how to build a solid base of links, is crucially important in the SERP’s. We know that building the first few links can be the most difficult and disappointing. That is why Resocate is here to give you the relatively quick, easy and tool free ways for 50 link building solutions.

The first few links are important in order to compete in the Internet world. This will only take you a few hours to implement, a small time investment for the potential of attaining 50 link building solutions. We know that content, keyword, engagement and interaction can take you a long way; however having base of links will take your website authority to the next level. Lets begin shall we.

1ST  Your brand name, domain name, and founder’s/ execs names

We begin by first looking for links that are coming from your own company’s name, that means your brand name, your domain name, and the names of the founders or the individuals that run the company.

Step 1: Search on Google for the names in quotes:

If it was me and Resocate, I would have to search for “ Shay Pat” or “” in quotes, not the domain name in the URL field. But in Google search bar, I would be searching for “” in quotes or  “ Resocate + SEO”. The word Resocate doesn’t have a specific meaning, I have made a custom name for my brand, which actually stands for Results and Advocated. The first part of Resocate is (res) and the last part means Advocated which is shortened to (ocated). If that isn’t the case for your domain name and your website domain also has different meanings, just make sure you are indicating words or phrases that identify your site properly on the search console. For example if your domain name is and you’re are a local restaurant, make sure you do a search like “Chicken Kabob Plates + Restaurant”  and “ Chicken Kabob” and also “ Chicken Kabob Plates” . Trying these 3 search terms/phrases will help you get started on making your list of domains that you would want to go after.

Step 2: Check the top 50-100 results manually to confirm:

  1.    The place they are linking to is right, and if it isn’t, if there are mentions of Shay Pat that don’t link to Resocate, we should fix those. We’re going to contact those people.
  2.    Try to control the anchor text and where the link location points, you can update it. For instance, my LinkedIn profile has a link to my site Resocate. I could go into my Linked in profile and update that information, if my website domain changed or the company I decided to promote changed.
  3.    When I want to fix what is missing or wrong, I can contact the right people and email them to make the change. I should have something like this as a result. Meaning every single reference or mention in Google has a link on the page that goes to my site. I can get that from domain name, brand name, and from founders and executives. These techniques are what will give you a lot of great links.

2nd. Sites that list your competition

Step 1: Find your top 5-10 most visible on the web competitors.

This is the very process that you can go through on your own to identify the top 5-10 competitors that we see on the web very frequently. These are the competitors that we wish to compete for, or we see them mentioned in the press a ton, whichever way it is.

Step 2: Search Google not for each one separately, but rather combinations, usually two, three, or four of them all together.

For instance, if I were making a new fashion retail company, I would look for the existing ones, like Reformation, and Fred Segal and Dash and Urban Outfitters. I might search for Reformation and Fred Segal first. Then I might search for Reformation and Dash. Then search for Dash and Urban Outfitters and all these various combinations of these different ones.

Step 3: Visit any sites in the SERP’s that list multiple competitors in any sort of format (a directory structure, comparisons, a list etc.)

With each of these instances, I would go ahead and submit or get in contact or in touch with the person that runs that site or that list. Saying “ hello, my company, or my site, or my organization also belongs on here because, like these other ones you’ve listed, we do the same things. “ For instance, if you are like me with an SEO Blog, or SEO Company, you would be listed on that site with the other SEO Companies/ Consultants, which now will be a link to or in your case a link to your site.

This tactic is a slightly more challenging. You won’t have a high hit rate as you will with your own brand names. However, this is a great way for you to expand your portfolio. You can get anywhere from 20-30 different links this way and a great way to be listed with other amazing websites.

3rd Sites that list people or organizations in your field, with your particular region, and with your attributes.

These type of sites list people or organization in a particular field, a particular region, with particular attributes, or some combination of those three. In this instance, they would say here is an Los Angeles based SEO Consulting Agency or Los Angeles SEO Company that is founded by a woman.

In that example, you can find your unique attribute, that has geography, and that’s in my field. Therefor, that means, I offer SEO services. I optimize sites on search engines. Our founder is a woman, and we are in Los Angeles. In these instances you are looking for lists like these, because you see your website fitting those same attributes, that would make you a great add on to that particular list. These might not list your competitor, but are great high-quality authority links you want to connect with.

Step 1:

1.  List your organization’s areas of operation. You can start from macro and go down to micro at each of these levels. Examples are the following, we are in:


a. technology

b. manufacturing

c. software

d. services

e. finance

f. finance tech

g. services tech

h. digital marketing


2.   List your geography in the same format from macro to micro. You can go as broad as continent or as specific as city or neighborhood. Remember these are searches, so for example if you are in United States, you can go down to country, region, county, city and even neighborhood. There will websites that list startups that are based in North America, United States, California, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Northridge. So a search list with these specific attributes can be a great fit for you.

3.   List your unique attributes. So Resocate’s unique attribute would be that Resocate was co-founded by a woman. For instance, your unique attribute might be that your company is eco-friendly, or has a very eco-friendly energy policy. Maybe your unique attributes are that you donate to charity, or that you have an all-remote team. Whatever your attributes are you can list them and combine them in your search, which we will go into in step two.

Step 2: Search Google for list of businesses or websites or organizations that have some of these attributes in your region or with your focus.

For example, California state SEO consulting companies. Resocate is an SEO consulting company, so I can potentially get on that list, for that criteria. Likewise, I can get on the list for categories or attributes such as Los Angeles based start up company by women. You will be able to find lot of these if you sort of take from your list, start searching Google and discover those results. You’ll use the same process you did here.

The best part of using these great techniques mentioned is that you will not need any tools. You can obtain these links and you wont have to worry about Domain Authority, link qualification process or pay for something expensive. These steps are a great way to get your first early links.


White Label Link Building Services




White Label Link Building Services Vs Black Hat SEO


Google uses a myriad of algorithms in order to determine the ranking of a website. When it comes to improving the visibility of any website, two popular SEO strategies are widely used, such as white label link building services and black hat SEO.

Undoubtedly, black hat SEO approach offers you a quick and short-term success by driving an increased amount of traffic to your site. However, black hat SEO tends to incorporate gun-slinging outlaws and rule-breaking techniques (in order to gain higher rankings) that can be penalized by Google. And, Google penalties can have a really devastating effect on your site.

So, which SEO common marketing strategy should you use in order to earn great rankings? To get a meaningful answer to this query, please keep reading and learn the major difference between White Label and Black Hat SEO.

What Is Black Hat SEO Strategy?

This SEO strategy follows an aggressive approach and compromises Google rules in order to lead traffic to your blog/website. Some examples of black hat strategies include usage of unrelated keywords (that have no connection to your website content), content automation, doorway pages (fake pages which are overloaded with keywords), cloaking, and usage of invisible texts and links.

Please note, most of these aforementioned black hat SEO techniques are extremely risky to implement. Plus, they are typically detected (by Google) sooner or later. As a result, your website may be either banned or penalized with a low rank.

What Is White Label SEO Strategy?

White label link building services specifically focus on making a website more visible through organic link building and quality content. It focuses more on creating quality, valuable contents for your audience that are share-worthy and link-worthy. The content needs to be original, error-free, and relevant to your specific niche.

Apart from that, this SEO approach doesn’t rely on keyword stuffing. Rather, it believes in the optimum and effective use of keywords.

Other techniques of this SEO strategy include relevant backlinks, internal links, and meta description. Combining all of the above-mentioned approaches, white label SEO strategy tends to create/improve the search engine ranking of a website (without compromising Google rules). That’s why white hat link building service is always better than black hat SEO.

List of Companies that Offer White Label Link Building Services

1. (

2. (

3. (

4. Link Fish Media (

5. PageOnePower (




link building packages

Choosing Link Building Packages


Millions of websites are found lurking on the internet today. With these, the competition is getting harder since you have to compete with not just one or ten, you have to compete with all of them in order to get the attention of your target market. One way with which you can make your website accessible and trustworthy is through link building. Link building packages have a process in which you are creating links that will connect to one’s website. It can be done through different ways like reciprocal links, submitting articles in e-zines, search directories and being listed in newsletters and directories, among others.

Aside from the obvious benefit which is being popular on the World Wide Web, link building also helps in getting traffic from relevant sites. Additionally, when there are high-quality links visible on the site, the website will be thought out as a valuable and trustworthy resource thus increasing your site’s credibility, visibility, and awareness among your target audience.

Furthermore, since there are more backlinks and your site is credible, when users search for keywords that are relevant to your site, then your website will appear in search engine results giving you more exposure. The website also gets indexed by search engines. When all of these benefits are achieved, the ultimate benefit that website owners will get is getting a faster return on investment and more income.

Because link building is becoming popular, many companies are dedicated to selling link building packages and link building services. These packages and services can adapt to any website whether they are small or big in nature. There are link building services that can be customized according to the needs of the company. Likewise, there will always be appropriate link building packages for companies whether they are in small, medium or large scale.

Link building packages are also designed according to the status of the website in search engines and page ranks. There are starter kits to premium kits that may include some or more of the following: directory submission, article submission, social bookmarking and contextual and homepage link, among others. The package may vary depending upon the kit and the cost.

You will know if the package is a good one if it has high quality and relevant content website links. The links should not be just put at random forums or blogs but in relevant sources. Also, if the package consists of having a consultant who can answer the questions of the clients and reports and submissions are done by the service provider promptly.

Doing all of these is never an easy task. Of course, you can do it on your own, but the time that you will waste is money wasted, too. In dealing with stuff that you are not familiar with, it is always advisable to get the service from SEO firms who are experts in the field. They will help you and guide you as you compete with all the other websites in the same industry as you are. Therefore with the above information, I believe that you have the necessary knowledge to guide you when choosing link building packages and link building solutions.





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