Why Buy Organic Traffic In the First Place?


There is so much competition online, as there are millions of websites trying to attract the attention of visitors and consumers. To increase brand awareness and visibility, it is important for a website to appear on the first few pages of search engine results pages for particular search queries. To achieve this, website owners may have to hire professionals to help them top the charts and rank first on google, so to speak. However, some online business owners question the profitability of hiring a professional to help them with search engine optimization,  because there is no guaranteed SEO services or also called guarantee SEO results. Some of them wonder whether it is worth it, and whether there is any return on investment.

Buy Organic Traffic
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What the numbers tell us, when you buy organic traffic?

To eliminate any doubt, various companies have conducted studies to determine how much SEO is worth, and the numbers are in. The following is why businesses should buy organic traffic on major search engines.

  • Majority of people access websites through search engines.
  • 80% of searchers on Google click on the organic results and not the paid per click listings.
  • 85% of searchers on major search engines, such as Google, never go beyond the first page of Search Engine Result.
  • 90% of searchers on major search engines never go beyond the third page of SERPs.
  • The first result on the first page gets clicked on 48% of the time.
  • Most people click on the first three results on search engine results pages. However, the remaining results on the first page still have a 32% click- through rate.
  • The click- through rate at page 3 is about 1.1%. This drops to about 0.4% at page 4. Any page after page 4 receives less than 0.2% of the traffic. Therefore, websites on page 50 are probably not getting any visibility from searchers.

However, the results do not end there. There are even more studies that determine what searchers look for before they click on a link on a specific SERP. Searchers look at the search engine results and determine within a matter of seconds whether they are going to click on the link or not. They read the title to determine if it is specifically related to their search query and whether the link text is compelling and clear. They also read the description to determine whether it is relevant to their query. If it is not, they move on to the next result on the SERP.

What this means is that millions of battles are won and lost everyday on search engines results pages. It is not enough to simply show up at the top or have the best SEO results and expect people to click on a link. It is important to have the right titles, meta tags and descriptions to attract searchers to a site. Otherwise, the website is simply a spectator on the SERP. To ensure you get to the top of the rankings and to have a title and description that encourages visitors to click on the link, it is advisable to hire an SEO expert.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization are the techniques and strategies that help increase organic traffic to a website through higher rankings in search engines. Organic traffic is any traffic that a website owner does not have to pay a search engine for.

The purpose of SEO is to improve both quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website. Quality traffic involves visitors who are interested in what a website has to offer. These types of visitors are more likely to purchase a product or service. Quantity of traffic is the number of people visiting a website and when you rank first on google you get these advantages.

How do search engines work

There are millions of website all over the Internet with products, content or services that consumers may be interested in. Search engines have crawlers that go through all this content, and bring the information back to the search engine to create an index. This index goes through an algorithm, which tries to match the information on a website with a searcher’s query to provide results that are most relevant to the searcher.


Optimizing a website for a search engine

As indicated above, there are so many factors that determine a website’s ranking on search engines. Optimization involves ensuring a website meets all these requirements so that it ranks higher in search engines results pages. This is the only way the website will manage to attract the attention of the millions of people searching the web everyday. However, it does not simply stop at the search engine level. Optimization involves ensuring the website has the right information so that web visitors who follow a link from a search engine like what they see. This is the only way to encourage repeat visitors and to increase sales or conversions.

Organic Internet Marketing


So, how does organic internet marketing work? There are very many factors that go into ranking a website, and it can be quite difficult to meet them all. Some of the factors that determine a website’s ranking through organic internet marketing, according to search engine experts, are:

  • Page-level keywords
  • Page-level content length, uniqueness and readability.
  • Page-level and domain-level links.
  • Social metrics
  • Brand features such as mentions of the brand or domain in the press.
  • Exact or partial-match keyword domains.

How does an SEO expert do Organic Internet Marketing?

Organic Internet Marketing takes many forms, and requires a lot of work. It also requires time, effort and patience when you buy organic traffic. This is why it is important to hire an SEO expert who is already familiar with the job and who can help the website rank first on google. The following are some of the things that an SEO expert can do for your website:

Building an SEO friendly website

A website should be SEO friendly, from a keyword-rich domain name to quality internal links. Even though it’s not realistic to expect guaranteed SEO services, an expert can thoroughly audit a website to ensure that it is user-friendly, and that search engine bots can easily crawl through the pages. They can advise the website owner on how to edit their website so that it is easy for people and search engines to navigate through it. They can also audit the website to ensure that there is nothing that violates the guidelines of major search engines. Part of guaranteed SEO services is ensuring that a website is not de-indexed or demoted in rankings due to black hat optimization techniques.

Content and Markup with Organic Internet Marketing

In the search engine optimization world, content is king or as we like to called it QUEEN! Search engine optimizers can help a website owner with keyword research. They can also create SEO-friendly content. It is important for the page’s title, URL, content and the images to clearly state the purpose of the page. The content itself must be unique, and must provide in-depth information on what searchers are looking for.

Great content must be linkable. It must also supply a demand. The subject of a webpage must be clear, and the page itself should link to the homepage. It should also link to an applicable category or subcategory page. This makes it easier for search engines to find it.

Websites that have spammy or thin content may be penalized by search engines, and this can cause a significant drop in traffic. For example, Google Panda usually penalizes websites that do not have relevant content, or that have very thin copy on their web pages.

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Link building

Link building is a process of getting external pages to link to a website. External links show that a website is both popular and authoritative, and these help search engines rank the website higher in its results pages. However, link building has to be done properly. Buying links or getting links from websites that are not authoritative can result in a penalty from major search engines. SEO experts are very skilled at helping website owners create quality links for their websites. Again, its not about guaranteed SEO services, sometimes doing the right thing is knowing what NOT to do, and anything that jeopardizes website rankings, can be detrimental and costly. No professional consultant should claim guaranteed SEO services.

Links from both global and topic-specific websites show that a website is popular, and this helps to increase its rankings. For example, a website such as Wikipedia is very popular, and a link from such a site can help to increase a website’s rankings. However, websites also need quality links from other websites that are more local and that cover a specific and related topic.

Anchor texts are also very important, and having several links from different websites with the right keyword as an anchor text can help improve a site’s ranking for the specific keyword. Search engines may also notice social shares, although they treat such links differently from other links.

The freshness of a link is also very important. It is important to continue building quality links over time, as this shows search engines that the website is still relevant to current searchers. All of this is a lot of work, and an SEO expert can help a website owner to create quality links that increase his website’s ranking.

Local versus International SEO

These days, it is important for websites to rank highly in international as well as local searches. This may mean twice the amount of work for certain websites that have a national or international presence. It is important for such websites to rank highly when a searcher looks for location-specific content. An SEO expert can do all this work to ensure that the website is accessible and visible to all types of searchers.

Guaranteed SEO Services


Search engine optimization can be a very tough job, but there are still some website owners who believe that they can do it all on their own. While it is possible to study SEO, there is a better chance for success and guaranteed SEO services when you hire an SEO expert that puts in the hours, as opposed to doing it yourself. They include:


Benefits of hiring an SEO expert and Guaranteed SEO Services:

1. Hiring an expert saves you time. Improving organic search engine rankings requires a lot of time and effort, that is why smart and save businesses buy organic traffic, by hiring an SEO specialist. You may need to dedicate months, which is time that most website owners do not have. An SEO expert can take care of optimization for you so that you can concentrate your time and effort on other things.

2. Avoiding penalties. Search engines penalize websites that do not follow guidelines or that employ black hat optimization techniques. Search engines also release regular updates to their algorithms to help searchers get more quality and relevant results. It can be hard and time-consuming to follow all these updates, and it is easy for a website to be penalized and demoted or de-indexed. Hiring an expert can ensure this does not happen.

3. Avoid beginner mistakes. Search engine optimization requires experience. A lot of website owners do not know how to get to the top quickly without making any mistakes. It is better to hire an SEO expert who already has a lot of experience, as this ensures that the website gets to the top faster.

4. Avoid stress. Search engine optimization can be extremely stressful, especially for beginners. A website owner who doubles up as a website optimizer has a stressful road ahead. Not only is he managing his website, he also has to conduct a lot of research, apply all the search engine optimization techniques, and stay up-to-date on industry trends and algorithm updates. He has to do this for months and years to ensure his website gets to the top and stays there. Website owners who hire SEO experts can save themselves the trouble by paying someone else to worry about SEO.

5. Saves money. You may think that hiring an SEO expert is an expense, but in reality, it is an investment. Instead of doing it yourself, hire someone else to do the optimization for you and concentrate on looking for other ways to make money. All that time and effort that you could have spent optimizing your website can be directed to another venture or to improving the products and services you offer on your website. Furthermore, hiring an expert gets results faster. Therefore, you will get more traffic and more leads within a shorter period of time when you buy organic traffic, which means you will get a faster return on your investment.


In conclusion why businesses should buy organic traffic

The importance of why a business should buy organic traffic, for any website cannot be overemphasized. However, it takes a lot of time and effort for a website to move from page 200 to the first four pages of SERPs. As mentioned in the beginning there is no guaranteed SEO services.  Guaranteed SEO Services

Because of all the competition on the Internet, it takes even more effort for such websites to stay on these pages. In order to guarantee results, it is important for website owners to hire professionals to deal with search engine optimization for their websites and to constantly monitor the site’s rankings. This way, they can get to the top faster and increase their site’s organic traffic and conversion rates, the way a business that buy organic traffic do.

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