How Brand Benefits Can Increase Brand Awareness Metrics with SEO Efforts


Brand Benefits


When beginning the branding process, you want to establish key brand benefits that you know will target your customers. Establishing a brand identity can be a difficult process, however, thats is why we hire branding experts to do the brand development and positioning for us. Its also important to understand how SEO plays a major role when developing your brand online. You should know how brand awareness metrics can increase sales. As well as communicating brand benefits  to your visitors through SEO efforts.

First impressions are very important, especially when your client meets your brand for the very first time. This is why enhancing online branding can build trust, engagement, and retention.  You want to give your clients a very good vision of who you are what your brand represents. There are many channels you can start with, some of which will be discussed later. Credibility in the online world begins with a highly visible website, through consistency and valuable content.

Making sure that you are genuine about helping your customer will bring them back for seconds. Never underestimate the power of trust and value. This is what differentiates the companies with longevity and the one’s that burn out quickly. We will begin by understand what our brand benefits are and then we will delve into concepts that help customers remember your brand. We will discuss brand awareness, brand recognition, memory retrieval both explicit and implicit.



The Importance of Brand Recognition


importance of brand recognition


Recognition happens when we can identify something we have seen before, such as brand recognition (we remember having seen the brand before) and ad recognition ( we remember having seen the ad before). The importance of brand recognition is predominantly critical for in- store and online decisions because it helps us categorize or locate the brands we want to buy. Logos on brands or packages might be especially effective at improving brand recognition.

You can acheive brand recognition also through SEO campaigns and grain a great deal of traffic. The best part of SEO is that its organic and the end user is actively search for your product or service. Your website coming on the top 3-5 positions on major search engines will create great brand recognition, because you would be dominating certain niche keywords important to your industry. This is the way online branding works and the way you build traction. This is especially true for start up companies and new websites, making way through the clutter. Keyword research does a great job of targeting people and industries and giving you the competitive advantage over brands that don’t do SEO campaigns.


Retrieval as a Communication Objective


The idea of marketing communications including organic website traffic, is repeatedly to increase retrieval of the brand name, product attribute, or brand benefits. In other cases, the reason for communication may be to increase consumers’ recognition of the brand name, logo or brand symbol, package, ad character, advertisement, brand benefit, and etc. Competitors that are newer especially in particular industry work harder to increase consumers’ awareness of their brand.

Retrieval Affects Consumer Choices


Consumer choices are affected by retrieval. One report was found about a Japanese brand, that the consumers’ use of the bank weakened as their identification of the name of the bank weakened. Getting consumers to recognize or recall particular claims or slogans is also acute. Additionally, knowing and remembering this information can serve as valuable input to consumers’ outlooks, and consumers may invoke this information when selecting a brand. However, the most unforgettable ads are not essentially the most effective in generating the desired effect- inducing purchase behavior. Nor are they necessarily effective in achieving objectives such as linking information to the specific brand.

Importance of Brand Recognition with Explicit and Implicit Memory Recall


Explicit Memory


Explicit memory is the very importance of brand recognition because, it is the memory of some previous episode attained by active attempts to remember it. In this situation, you are intentionally trying to remember something that occurred in the past. For example, you would use explicit memory to recall what you ordered during a recent trip to In-N-Out. Either recognizing it or recalling it, consumers attempt to retrieve information from explicit memory.

Recall encompasses a more far-reaching activation of the links in memory. When we see a Snapple display and use recall when retrieving knowledge about Snapple as a contribution for decision-making. Free recall occurs when we can retrieve something from memory exclusive of any help, such as what we had for dinner last night. Cued recall exists if we are asked the same question such as, what did we have for lunch yesterday? But need a cue was it a vegan dish?

Advertising effectiveness has to do with recall. Studies show that it is imperative for marketers to foster appropriate measures of recognition, recall, and implicit memory when pretesting advertisements. Researchers show consumers a TV commercial and, after 24 hours, asked the consumers what they recalled. Studies like this are always done to understand what percentage of people remembered the tested ad.

How valuable recognition or recall is to marketers depends, in part, on how a consumer normally purchases the product. If they typically go through a store aisle and look for brand they routinely buy, purchase is based on recognition- meaning recognition of the brand name, package, and logo is significant. In other instances, product acquisition is based on recall. For example, if you are thinking about where you might want to eat lunch today, the list of restaurants you will consider will probably be contingent on those you can recall from memory. In such cases, marketers should use communication strategies that inspire consumers to think about the brand and product, which boosts recall at the moment when choices are actually being made.


Implicit Memory


Implicit memory is also important to marketers. Although ad agencies typically measure consumers’ explicit memory by what they recall and recognize from an ad, the concept of implicit memory insinuates that consumers may have some memory of information in an advertising communication even if they do not recognize or recall it. Thus advertisers may try to use measures of implicit memory to estimate whether their ads have affected consumers’ memory.

Sometimes we remember things without conscious mindfulness, and phenomenon called implicit memory. Suppose as you drive down the road at high speed, you pass a billboard bearing the word Caterpillar (tractors). Later you are asked whether you remember seeing a billboard and, if so, what was on it. You do no recall seeing a billboard, let alone what it was for; you have no explicit memory of it. But if you are asked to say the first word you can think of that begins with cat- you may answer “caterpillar”. You may have encoded something about the billboard without being mindful of having even seen it, and hence you may have some information about caterpillar accumulated in memory.


SEO Practices that Allow Your Brand Awareness Metrics to Increase


Yes its true! SEO plays a major role when you are trying to increase your brand awareness. Your online branding has everything to do with how your SEO campaigns are structured. When an end user wants to find information, they still need to find a level of detail that will entice them to purchase your product or service. You can’t always count on word of mouth, or even third party reviews, because the fact is that brand awareness metrics increases through the best SEO practices. You can utilize a platform like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to get that information.

From our experience when you are trying to find shoes or even a router, it is still an emotional decision. But fundamentally what is important, is how many touch points it takes to buy a complex product. It could take years or months, not hours or days. So search is going to be one of more touch points in that process. So it is much or more important for a B2B  and B2C brand to be highly visible; SEO and of course social media empowering good SEO. In order for them to be competitive, it should be in the consideration set, which is the top 3-5 positions in Google.


Brand Awareness Metrics

What is Resocates Brand Benefits and Unique Selling Proposition


The SEO Specialist of Resocate Inc., Shay Pat will explain.

To delve deeper into the subject I have created a list of what our brand benefits are and what we want our customers to remember us by. The goal is to communicate brand benefits by answering questions in the industry and at the same time solving problems for our customers. Here is a short and sweet list of brand benefits I listed:


  • Personalized Service: We pride ourselves with specialized services, for the entrepreneur looking to rank on major search engines. Instead of quantity of having different services offered in the organization, we offer only SEO. This allows our company to laser focus onto bring quality work towards the SEO campaigns. Which, in many cases quality can easily be easily deterred if SEO isn’t done properly. We customize the SEO campaigns just for you, by adding valued services onto the packages, that will be a sure fire way to get quality work done. More on an Affordable SEO Expert >>
  • Above and Beyond: Spending a substantial amount of hours and establishing a lucrative list of custom keywords. These keywords consist of low competitiveness that will ensure domination of search engine results. Not including the up to date white hat techniques used to bring optimal results to websites and their user.
  • Custom Link Building: Establishing a network of sites that will bring more traffic and the opportunity to diversify the sales funnel. I make sure to link to only sites that are not only relevant to my site, but that it will bring value to my site.
  • Valued Information: We take into consideration when an entrepreneur looking to enhance their online presence, by giving free content. This ultimately helps the person or organization in question to have a clear understand of the organic traffic.
  • “RESULTS ADVOCATE”: The holy grail. The ideology and the name Resocate, represents RESO- Results, CATE- ADVOCATE. In short the name says its all, we advocate results and bring forth the best SEO practices. If you are not satisfied, we offer money back guarantee.


Having an understanding for online branding and marketing will enable you to understand the value that SEO campaigns brings to your brand. Together these too initiatives will only build up your brand recognition, recall, and brand awareness metrics. The SEO factor plays a crucial role when developing a brand name, because the effects of SEO are long term. If you can rank for several keywords, and keep building on that, you can pretty much have your customers recall and recognize your brand no matter what. Because ranking for keywords in your industry will automatically make the consumer associate the keyword to your brand. This will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors that don’t use SEO in their marketing and branding strategies. In addition to that, it will help you diversify your sales.



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