Content is King


No doubt you have heard that “Content Is King!” However, do you truly understand what this means? Do you truly understand just how valuable good custom content can be to your online business? Once you have a really good article, you can use this article in several ways to grow your business and make more money.

Custom Content Helps People Find Your Website

If you are selling products, monetizing your website(s) with affiliate programs, or trying to build a reputation for your business or organization, you’ll need a good steady stream of new people visiting your website. The key to getting new people finding your website is to provide them with something they really desire — the right INFORMATION! It’s like putting the right bait on the end of a fishing line. Once you have people coming to your website to read your content, you can easily build an email list and get people following you on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Truly, content is king!

To be most effective, you’ll want to make sure what you provide is SEO content writing. In other words, you want your writing to not only be engaging to the reader but to also be optimized for the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Think about the keywords that will draw the audience you want to your website (people who would be interested in buying your products) and have your content optimized for those specific keywords. There is both an art and a science to SEO (search engine optimization) so you may want to hire an SEO writing specialist through a content marketing agency to write this type of original content for you and or rewrite something you already have written so it is more keyword optimized.

It Gives You Something To Feed Into Social Media


If you want to make money with your website and or build a good reputation for your business or organization, you’ll also need to build a loyal following. You want people who visit your website for the first time to come back many more times. You want them to become repeat customers and or tell all their friends about your products, services, or online content.

The easiest way to build such a loyal audience is by feeding your social media channels with a nice steady flow of killer content that will keep your first time visitors clamouring to come back for more. You want them to be looking forward to your next article with anticipation! Remember, Content Is King. This cannot be stated enough. You can get help creating this content with a SEO content writing service and then post links to your new pearls of wisdom in all your social media feeds. Be sure to do this more than once for each article at different times of day so you reach the broadest possible audience. However, don’t overdo it. Just keep a nice steady stream of new content flowing. You’ll also want to make sure you interact with your readers on social media and in the reader comments section for each article or blog entry you post.

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Custom Content Helps You Build a Reputation


By providing your readers with unique, detailed, and useful information, you can easily earn a sterling reputation in your niche(s). In fact, you can become known as an expert in your niche that people seek out when they need to ask questions. As an expert, you’ll also start to get requests from people who want you to guest post on their blog(s) with links back to your website and or provide an interview on their podcast, again with a link back to your website, not to mention the positive impact on your reputation. When this happens, you can see your business soar overnight.

If you’re running one or more websites, you may not have the hours it will take to write quality content every week. This is when you may want to turn to a content marketing agency since they can provide highly skilled writers to write content for you based on your specifications. You can still put your name on this content and even tweak it a bit to personalize it. This type of writing is called ghostwriting and most of the successful businesses online employ ghostwriters to help them create a steady flow of high quality unique content. While you can shop for a personal ghostwriter, it is easiest just to contact a content writing service that has several high quality writers who are ready to start a new project.

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You Can Use Previously Written Custom Content To Interact With Customers or Readers


This is an underused technique by even the most savvy internet marketers but it’s quite simple to do and will even save you time when you’re building yourself up as the expert in your niche(s). The more custom content you develop, the better this technique will work because you’ll have more to draw from.

Every time you post an article on your website or blog, it has a unique URL that you can copy from the URL bar of your browser. Let’s say you run a home remedies blog and someone asks about home remedies for acne. If you have written on this topic before, you can send a short friendly reply and then suggest they read your article and provide the link. This will give them personal interaction with you and show that you are an expert on a topic for which they really want/need to find a solution. Let’s say you sell curtains and you have a blog post about how to get the correct size grommet curtains for your windows, you can answer your potential customer’s question about this giving them the link to your expert blog post on this topic. This will save you time in having to re-explain everything (for the 100th time) and will give the potential customer a good reason to buy from you.

You Can Repackage Your Custom Content Into Ebooks


This is a great way to repurpose your custom content and gain even more newsletter subscribers and set yourself up as THE expert in your niche. Let’s say you run a parenting site and over the course of a year you have written ten well researched articles on eco-friendly toys. You’ve covered topics like the heavy metals found in some paints used on toys, the pesticides left in the cotton used on some stuffed animals, the poisonous phthalates added to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) toys, how to make eco-friendly play dough, and the sustainable forestry practices used to make ecofriendly wooden toys. Let’s say each of these articles is an average of 750 words. You can write an introduction and a conclusion and then weave these separate articles together to form a 8,000 – 10,000 word ebook! You can give this expert book away as a free gift with purchases of over $50 (in electronic form this will cost you nothing) or as a free gift for signing up for your newsletter, where you will include subtle advertisements each month to an eager audience. No matter how you choose to distribute your book, it will only build on your reputation as an expert in your niche.


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Obviously, there are many other ways you can use custom content to grow your online business. However, if you stick to just the ways outlined in this article, you’ll almost guarantee that you get more website traffic and sales. Just remember, content is king! and Specifically, really good uniquely written information written in an entertaining or engaging way is what people most desire. Good Luck to you!!

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