How PPC Works With Organic Results | How Ads Benefits Them


How PPC works with Organic results has mostly to do with the user experience and how ads benefits them. It is often assumed that pay per click marketing on Google affect the organic listings. But in reality how ppc works is that there are no pay per click listing that directly affect the organic ones on any search engine. Despite these facts, one of the most effective ways for website advertising is to drive organic traffic is by starting a paid ads campaign. This will certainly help as there is a kind of guarantee by paid ads that there will at least be some amount of increase in the traffic. Paying for results won’t actually cut down the views on organic listings and drive them towards the paid ones as Google does not allow this. However, the search engine itself can’t control the traffic on any listing entirely and hence there are some interconnections between the paid listings and the organic ones. Google takes special efforts and makes sure that its team does not let any paid ads directly affect anything.

Interactions Between Organic and Paid Ads

There are several interactions between the organic listings and the paid ads. Paid listings usually have the tag of an ad and hence many people might not click on it and shift their attention towards the organic listings. However, there are also cases when most people do not quite notice the difference and click on the ads that appear first on the page. The first ads on the page are obviously the paid ads and paid exposure are known to have more traffic from the general audience. Organic ads that have a high ranking are more likely to be clicked on. For example, searching for an ad of whale watching, running Seattle whale tours. If there were no paid ads at all on this search then the only CTR would be due to the organic listing and it would be 1. If in case there are two listings one of which is paid and the other is organic, then the CTR would be higher. This biases the searchers and influences most of the people to bid on branded ads.

Traditionally,  marketers avoid paid ads and keep their listings purely organic. But with the increasing use of AdWords, social media and Google paid ads, there is always a tendency that they might lose audience if they don’t have a good PPC campaign as paid ads with SEO are always recommended to impact CTR. SEO can always back up PPC for better results.

Benefits of Paid Ads

Paid ads are actually always useful as it leads to a lot of other things like sharing from other companies, their additional links and a lot of mentions. These things altogether boost the other organic rankings. This ultimately means that clicking on paid ads gives a lot more exposure as viewers may share things, open other sites through it and also provide some amount of social media coverage. All these activities can effectively boost rankings. The main benefit of paid results is that they impact CTR in some searches. In all, the paid searches on Google gets about 2-3 percent of total clicks and in organic it is about 47 to 57 percent. The first ads that appear on any searched page are the image ads that links you to various shopping sites. Below them are the paid results that appears depending on the use of SEO tools. Organic results then find a place below all these ads. SEO tools are really very effective in terms of PPC as well as organic results.

Ads Benefits  by Bidding on Paid Ads

There are a lot of ads benefits actually of bidding on branded ads. This is because the paid ads are always successful in diverting attention of the viewers from any organic page. Bidding on paid results will let you dominate the results of the search engine. This increases the CTR and by appearing in organic as well as paid results, you can always assure traffic as you are combining the results of both the listings and proving to the audience that your company is a prominent player. If you got competitors, then it is sure that they are bidding on your branded results and paid ads. This again leads to your ad appearing on the start of the page with praises of those competitors who are bidding on your paid results. This may lead you to lose traffic therefore you definitely need to bid on your branded terms.

Also, bidding can change the market situations wherein the process of bidding changes people’s minds. You can shift demand and clicks both by the way of bidding effectively on the search results. This will lead to the entry of your competitors in this field as well and the whole competition will even get tougher. But it is always advisable to keep bidding as it is really beneficial.

Paid exposures before Organic Exposures

Why use display advertising before organic? Paid exposure along with the correct use of SEO is always good to start with. Viewers or searchers who have already searched for a particular thing or service are more likely to again click on the same link as they did before. If they did click on the organic content, they are likely to again click on the same thing. Here, it should be noted that a higher CTR rate will result in higher ranking. So if any viewers happen to notice that other searchers have first viewed the paid ads and then the organic ones, then they tend to follow the same pattern and do the same. Hence, if you want to advertise your brand on Google or any search engine, then initially paid ads are a good thought as they strengthen the association online and searchers are more likely to buy your products or services. If you start with organic results about which people have never heard about, then you are likely to lose the complete target audience to your competitors. Paid exposure before any organic listings are always good.

Conclusion of How PPC Works

Paid ads can really work good along with SEO. Google paid ads facilitates the use of AdWords and they know how to drive a certain percentage of traffic to your paid results by using the SEO tools correctly. Also, your brand awareness can be effectively increased due to paid ads as many people trust to advertise on Google and are likely to trust the brands that they feature. Search engines make sure not to affect the organic listings too much but the exposure and the platform for advertising given to paid ads are unique altogether. It is always better to have pay per click programs in place, especially when your brand is new in the market. This in essence is how PPC works for many. 



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