What Does Keyword Prominence Means? 


Let me start off by saying the way to have keyword prominence is to make sure an SEO campaign is done properly; especially keyword prominence in keyword research. This means placing the keywords in the correct way within your website. As well as doing keyword research properly and selecting the strongest and most prominent keywords. Knowing when, where, and how much to put your keywords is what is part of keyword prominence. If you over do it, it will hurt you in rankings on search engine results. The most significant keyword phrases must be at the very beginning of your title, H1, H2, H3 and meta description.

There are also free keyword generators that also assist with the keyword research process. They help you find keyword alternatives, which are also part of the optimization process when you are doing SEO. One of these free keyword generators is the LSI graph. This keyword generators gives you free keyword alternatives and it’s an excellent tool to use when you are looking for more keyword options, that you wouldn’t have thought of by just thinking of just your own keyword ideas. As well a site called UberSuggest.org, that helps you find keywords within your niche, more information on that later.


Keyword Prominence

SEO Specialists that Work on Keyword Prominence

How the Keyword Process Begins:

This is how the process of SEO begins; first, the client should make a list of all the keywords they wish to rank for. What is recommended is to not choose single word terms, or words that are too broad and not specific to what you offer. The keywords that should be listed are targeted within your industry and relevant to the products and services you offer. The amazing thing about this is no matter how specific the keywords you choose, an SEO expert will, research, analyze, and select an even more targeted, prominent and strategic keywords that best suit the websites needs.

Tools like Long Tail Pro, also mentioned as LTP, are being used to help with the research. Different companies use different tools for SEO. LTP is a tool that helps you find the niche keywords and long tail keywords that are low competition. Long tail keywords are those terms that only get a small volume of search traffic, but in aggregate can add up to a huge amount. The smarter strategy is to find several “long tail” keywords that are very easy to rank for. So, in order to have the best results one must have the right tools to effectively do his/her job right. The premium packages offer the most highly effective information regarding the best industry niches.

Type of Keywords:

After the client establishes the list for their desired keywords, we start the research process. Extensive hours are spent on research in the industry and its specifics. Making sure that every aspect of it is covered before the keyword research begins. As mentioned previously, in order to gain the optimum results, we look at keyword prominence. The keywords we know that will dominate the search results and ultimately bring in the traffic and rankings, that an SEO expert hopes to accomplish.


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Keyword Prominence in Body Content:

Keyword prominence in your body content can bring a source of life your website and blogs. When you are writing an article, its the main text that is what the search engines are going to pay attention too. What the search engines do is see if the keywords are relevant in your content and compare that to what the searcher is looking for. Not only does the search engine see if the keyword exist in the body content but also how frequent it is mentioned as well. For instance, lets say a searcher is looking into a topic such as ” eggs” and they stumble upon an article at mentioned the word “eggs” once. Then the user most likely thinks website isn’t about “eggs” if the keyword was just mentioned once in the body content. Keyword prominence in this case has everything to do with how many times the keyword is being mentioned. You also don’t want to over saturate it with the over use of the word “eggs” either, a moderate amount of the keyword will suffice.

Content length is also important in keyword prominence, because what you are doing is showing your extensive knowledge in a particular topic. Lets say you have a 6 page article talking about a particular topic about a particular thing. You think maybe I should divide the pages up into different blog posts, but what is best especially in the beginning is to incorporate a lengthly articles in one page. As mentioned in Resocates other blog posts about the length, especially in the beginning of building your website, one must write 1,500-3,000 articles for each post. I am sure you have encountered the same annoyance from websites that require you to click ” next” to get the next bit of information. Then you find that each one of those “next” buttons only reveil 2 sentences and cause annoyance for the reader. This can be frustrating for the users that was expecting to read good article on just one page.


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keyword prominence in


Keyword Selection Process:

The selection of keywords is the crucial part of it all. Because not only do we go after the low hanging fruit, which is the low competitive keywords, but we also analyze the websites that are also trying to rank for those specific keywords. Most people think it’s just that simple, by choosing low competitive keywords, you will automatically get the results you are looking for. Selecting the right combination of keywords is also very important, in a keyword strategy. This will make or break your SEO strategy, because you don’t want to choose a group of keywords that are far apart in meaning, when you are submitting them into your content. In order for it to be effective for the reader the content has to flow with the keywords you have chosen.

Next, we analyze the type of website that are listed for these keywords. Within each keyword you will find a list of websites that are eager to rank for it or even worse, have already ranked for it. However, SEO specialists are trained to know which kind of keywords to go after and which one’s to simply leave alone.


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Advance Keyword Research Strategy in 1 Minute:

Next, we can get into advance keyword research strategies, that are being used to effectively reach audiences for your website. There are two free tools that you can use for this particular technique; one is Google Keyword Planner and second, is UberSuggest.org, which we mentioned earlier. However, in this section we will look in-depth into how we can strategically use this tool that will suffice in an SEO campaign.

To start off, with Google Keyword Planner and going into the second option where it says what would you like to do? That section will have an empty box available for you to suggest keywords into it. So where are the list of keywords to put into our keyword planner? Yes, you guessed it, its UberSuggest.org. Next part is the strategy that we are going to unleash that will be powerful and useful. You can start doing your research and inputting a keyword or keyword phrase you are interested in pursuing. After, you select the plus signs that are next to the suggestions, which will open up more keyword phrase options. We highly recommend expanding as many keywords and keyword phrases as possible. Then copy and paste of those suggestions onto Google Keyword Planner. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like when you expand the keywords and keyword phrases.

Then, we use Google Planner to find out the search volumes; by how many searches the keywords have each month. You can also transcribe this data onto your Excel Spread Sheet, by selecting download tab and option. This gives you your list of long tail keywords. The next thing to look for when reading and analyzing your keyword list is to look at the suggested bid column. The suggested bid has to do with advertising, which is Google AdSense. The reason why this is important is because if advertisers are willing to spend a good amount of money, then it means that there is money being made off of those keywords. So it is important to pick keywords that have value, and that you can actually make money from. After all that is the purpose of having traffic be generated to your website for revenues and profit. Basically, we want to keywords to have commercial intent. Those three main columns are what to look at when transcribing data on your Google Keyword Planner.


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Keyword Proximity 

The meaning of keyword proximity is the distance between the search term’s individual keywords. It is a combination of keywords, which a search term can be made up on. For instance, a website contains the keywords that make up the search term “ money home online ” in the heading “ do you want to make more money working from home, with our own schedule online.” The search term proximity between “money” and “home” is two words; between “ home” and “online” it is 4.


keyword proximity

Fun Facts about Keyword Prominence in Keyword Research

  • SEO & Keyword Research is another Marketing Channel.
  • Allows you to understand your audience better through Keyword Research.
  • Not part of a traditional marketing method
  • Customers actively looking for a product or service are inputing keywords to get to your website.
  • Keyword Research increases your website traffic.
  • Think about the how, what, where, why and other potential queries your targeted visitors may be using.
  • Don’t use broad keywords and keyword phrases, stick to niche.
  • Specific keyword phrases, have lower search volume, but those are the ones that convert to paying customers.
  • These days placement of keywords is lot more important than keyword density.
  • Position your website to be visible prominently to the ideal kind of customer.
  • A search engine has no way to tell – unless you tell it your intent.
  • And the only way you tell the search engine what you’re looking for is by getting even more descriptive with your keywords.
  • Keyword stuffing isn’t a good idea, and search engines will penalize you for that.
  • Keyword prominence in this case has everything to do with how many times the keyword is being mentioned.

Lastly, keyword research and keyword prominence, truly go hand and hand; and give life to your body of content and your keyword research methods.


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