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Organic Search Engine Optimization


If your aim is to make your website rank on the first pages of the major search engines, then probably you have come across the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a process of improving traffic towards websites by simply making them (websites) outstanding in search engine results. To make your website stand out, you have to utilize specific target keywords. However, there are two types of SEO. They are natural SEO (organic SEO) and artificial SEO (non-organic SEO).
Artificial SEO can provide you with instant results, but when compared with natural SEO, its results are lesser effective in the long run. The form of search engine optimization works by concentrating on the search engines marketing, which mostly involve pay-per-click advertising, paid advertising and the well-known affiliate marketing. One benefit of artificial SEO is that it is faster, ideal for business as it can directly target customers, and it can facilitate brand awareness. Nevertheless, the method is expensive and if the advertising methods come to a standby, your business will suffer greatly.
On the other hand, natural (organic search) SEO will typically take longer execution time, but it will yield long-term results. To offer results, the method focuses on link building, content creation, keyword enhancement and meta-tag optimization. Even though you will have to wait to start observing results, the method is inexpensive; offers long-term results; and will attract over 80% search traffic.


Why choose organic SEO for your business:

Any small business should start with organic SEO. Why? Because apart from the low cost, it will build your presence on the internet gradually and eventually create a solid foundation for its thriving – you just need to be patient. Though investing on non-organic SEO is not a bad thing, you should avoid the overly artificial ways. Avoid advertisements and concentrate on creating helpful content for your audience.


Steps that will help you create an effective organic SEO campaign:

To make an effective organic SEO campaign, start by conducting a keyword research. That involves searching for the words your prospective customers will type into the search engines when looking for information. Your goal is to use the keywords that will attract as many people as possible to your website.
The second step is copywriting. Copywriting involves making the right content for your audience that will link directly to the keywords that you have made. Whenever a person types the keywords into a search engine, they will most likely land into your website, if you have combined the keywords and content closely.
Finally, concentrate on link building, particularly if your business is new. Find blogs and websites where you will be placing links to your business website as a way of building up more traffic. Anyone who clicks on those links will land on your website,  through organic search.

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